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With Children and Youth

“Play is children’s natural language and toys are their words.”

-Garry Landreth

My approach to therapy is strengths-based and empowering, utilizing a developmental perspective. In individual sessions, the focus may be on identifying emotions and beliefs that impact our lives, or developing coping skills to reduce distress related to painful memories or experiences. For older children or teens this may involve talking, and artistic or creative methods of expression, determined best by their individual personalities and preferences. For younger children, I utilize play therapy as a mode for processing emotions and experiences. As a parent your involvement in the process is key to growth and success! I view myself as a partner in the process and rely on your expertise with your family and children, while exploring ideas for creating meaningful change. How we approach therapy will be determined by developmental stage, where each person is in the change process and personal goals/preferences.

With Adults

I have a relational approach with a focus on self-compassion and empowerment. My theoretical lens is strongly influenced by attachment theory and the impact of stress and trauma on personal development and the nervous system. I can tailor my approach to match your preferences, I am certified in EMDR, trained in dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness or body-based interventions. I believe the most important factor in therapy is the relationship so understand the importance of finding the right person for the process.

Individual Therapy: Services
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